TOTAL WASTE (Berlin, 2019) is an augmented reality poster by Yaron Maïm. The self-published work is enhanced by one short video that the user can view with a smartphone**. Limited edition of 50 copies, A3, risograph printed on 290g 100% recycled paper, 4 colors cover (aqua, fluo yellow, raspberry, black), numbered & stamped.
The AR** artist book, presented in art fairs and independant Berlin and european art spaces, curates several short videos, self-made accessories, clothes and a poetic text about sewing as a practice of resistance.

TOTAL WASTE  refers to the “zero waste” movement and the notion of circular economy. The reader, with the help of a smartphone**, watches the publication burning in flames. This project about (self-)sustainability, represented by a Trojan unicorn logo, can be read in different ways: the parody of the “zero waste” movement, the virtual destruction of the desired object, the wasteful burning of the artwork similar to the incineration of surplus fabrics in fast-fashion, etc.

TOTAL WASTE  playfully addresses the paradox of being a gender non-conforming artist in a capitalist society. It asks if art can exist autonomously from the market by not reproducing or being enmeshed in the very structures it critiques.

TOTAL WASTE  is a satire in which language, identity, body, politics, nature and love are turned into commodities out of necessity and survival. It uses ambivalence and paradox to challenge the cis-tem’s appropriation of the art of queer and trans* people while erasing their lives.

reflects the contradiction that queer people face: a simultaneous invisibility or non-existence, and a hypervisibility that is too much for this world.

envisions an alternative form of queer collectivity in fashion that is radical, decentralized, transformative and healing.

Concept: Yaron Maïm
Risograph Printing: Drucken3000
Performers: Yaron Maïm & kAZ
Critical Conversant: kAZ
Video: Ayshe Kizilçay & Elene Naveriani
Video Editing: Ayshe Kizilçay
Photo: Neige Sanchez
Special thx to Clovis, Justine Giliberto & Fu.

**Augmented Reality art made with ARTIVIVE



ENBYX 2019. CC BY-SA 4.0